All our staff are authorized in their specific area and have many years of experience in Sweden and Spain.

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Authorized staff

Warranty on work performed

25 years of experience

Information and services we offer

We do a joint inspection to go through all the defects that need to be repaired and what wishes you as a property owner have. Then we go through everything so that we do not exclude any details and shortly you will receive a cost estimate of what it contains including a guarantee on the work carried out.

We also offer maintenance during the warranty period for extended warranty period on work performed.

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Facade, Carpentry's and Painting

If you have cracks in the facade or a bad facade, or possibly want to make a more luxurious design on the outside or interior carpentry, we offer a total renovation.

Security and Alarm

Security doors & windows, or a complete solution with gates, access systems and alarms with monitoring.

Plumbing, Watersupply and Ventilation

We replace your existing water pipes to a higher Swedish standard to avoid future high costs such as water leakage.

Water and Moisture Damage

We will take care of that

Work Environment and Safety

We follow the certified rules & standards that apply in both Spain and Sweden

Electricity and Solar cells

We change your existing electrical central system to a higher standard to avoid future high costs. Or invest in solar cells

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We are a general contractor that assists with services such as property services and renovations.